What social questions does Confucianism not address?

What social questions does Confucianism not address? – What happens after death- Confucius believe that since we don’t know about life we can ‘t know what happens beyond. How did the Daoist outlook differ from that of Confucianism? How did Indian religion differ from the cultural traditions in China?

How are Taoism and legalism different?

Taoism emphasizes letting go. Taoism encourage people to live in harmony with the universe around us, by learning to accept compassion and simplicity. LEgalism on the other hand, often overlooked the moral question on how to live and make every effort necessary to achieve order, stability, and security.

What is the difference between Confucianism Daoism and legalism?

Confucianism is an ethic of moral uprightness, social order, and filial responsibility. Daoism was a philosophy of universal harmony that urged its practitioners not to get too involved in worldly affairs. Legalism is a theory of autocratic, centralized rule and harsh penalties.

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What do Legalism and Confucianism have in common?

They are in common believing in dictatorship. Confucianism believes in rule by ethics or good ruler; legalism (if you say so for 法家思想)believes in rule by law (not rule of law). They are in common believing in dictatorship. So legalism believes in rule by law.

What was Confucius golden rule?

And five centuries before Christ, Confucius set forth his own Golden Rule: “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself.” And five centuries before Christ, Confucius set forth his own Golden Rule: “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself.”

How did Confucianism affect Chinese social and family structure?

Confucianism affected Chinese society and family structure by stressing the importance of respect to one’s social superiors such as fathers and sons, and for people to lead by showing theirgoodness. Also, Daoism stated that education and political activity would not help with a good life, unlike Confucianist ideas.

What religion is similar to legalism?

Like Confucianism, Daoism, and Chinese Buddhism, the goal of legalism was to achieve order in Chinese society during a time of unrest. Unlike the other belief systems, legalism was quite harsh, with strict laws and severe punishments.

What is the belief system of legalism?

Legalism in ancient China was a philosophical belief that human beings are more inclined to do wrong than right because they are motivated entirely by self-interest and require strict laws to control their impulses.

What was the main beliefs of legalism?

The Legalists advocated government by a system of laws that rigidly prescribed punishments and rewards for specific behaviours. They stressed the direction of all human activity toward the goal of increasing the power of the ruler and the state.

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Did Confucianism Daoism and legalism all had the same goal?

Confucianism, Daoism, and legalism all had the same goal: the creation of a well-run and peaceful society. According to Confucianism, husbands and wives should support each other.

What are the similarities between Confucianism and Daoism?

Confucianism deals with social matters, while Taoism concerns itself with the search for meaning. They share common beliefs about man, society, and the universe, although these notions were around long before either philosophy. Both began as philosophies, each later taking on religious overtones.

How did Daoism impact China?

Daoism began to morph into a religion around 200 AD, with texts and rituals heavily influenced by Buddhist practices. As a religion, in pursuit of eternal life, Daoists in subsequent millennia contributed to Chinese medicine, science (the invention of gun powder), and martial arts (Taiji, Wudang).

How did the practice of legalism improve life for Chinese people?

Answer: Legalism was practiced through enacting laws to control the population of China. He argued that people could become better than they are, not simply through laws, but by self-discipline, education, and observance of ritual.

How did legalism spread?

Legalism was spread through the teachings of important legalist figures as well as through its adoption by political leaders.

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