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Chapter 79 – Repay bitterness with good.

If you’ve had a real set-to with someone
And you’ve tried to patch it up -
And there’s still some bitterness, what can you do?

I tell you: repay bitterness with good.

Those who practice Te hold credit
- but don’t demand repayment.

Those who practice Virtue do their bit
- and those without it will expect you to .

The Tao of Heaven
doesn’t deal in nepotism -
it just graces good people, like it always has and will.

Support Authors: Man-Ho Kwok, Martin Palmer, and Jay Ramsay
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One Response to “Chapter 79 – Repay bitterness with good.”

  1. Jodie says:

    I really enjoy this translation. It feels like listening to an old wise man relating wisdom with casual enlightenment.
    I think I’ll be picking up a copy of this at some point.

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