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Chapter 54 – What is firmly established cannot be uprooted

What is firmly established cannot be uprooted;
What is tightly embraced cannot slip away.

Thus sacrificial offerings made by sons and grandsons will never end.

Cultivated in the person, integrity is true.
Cultivated in the family, integrity is ample.
Cultivated in the village, integrity lasts long.
Cultivated in the state, integrity is abundant.
Cultivated everywhere under heaven, integrity is vast.

Observe other persons through your own person.
Observe other families through your own family.
Observe other villages through your own village.
Observe other states through your own state.
Observe all under heaven through all under heaven.

How do I know the nature of all under heaven?
Through this.

Support Author: Victor H. Mair
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One Response to “Chapter 54 – What is firmly established cannot be uprooted”

  1. Lao Tsu says:

    So in myself, I see what self is. Thus in my household, I see what family is. (Translated by Ursula Le Guin) ~Lao Tzu Student

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