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Chapter 03 – Happiness Is Contagious

If you always compare your children’s abilities
to those of great athletes, entertainers, and
they will lose their own power.
If you urge them to acquire and achieve,
they will learn to cheat and steal
to meet your expectations.
Encourage you children’s deepest joys,
not their superficial desires.
Praise their patience,
not their ambition.
Do not value the distractions and diversions
that masquerade as success.
They will learn to hear their own voice
instead of the noise of the crowd.

If you teach them to achieve
they will never be content.
If you teach them contentment,
they will naturally achieve everything.

We all want our children to be happy.
Somehow, some way today
show them something that makes you happy,
something you truly enjoy.
Your own happiness is contagious.
They learn the art from you.

Support Author: William Martin
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The Parent’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for Modern Parents

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    This how-to golden-age iltostraliun stuff is FANTASTIC, and so hard to find. Thanks for sharing reading that kind of material always makes me want to A: draw like a classicist andB: work in a suit, tie and fedora for the rest of my life.Can’t wait for more.

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