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Chapter 14 – That which we look at and cannot see is called plainness.

That which we look at and cannot see is called plainness. That which we listen to and cannot hear is called rareness. That which we grope for and cannot get is called minuteness.
These three cannot be closely examined; So they blend into One.

Revealed, it is not dazzling; Hidden, it is not dark. Infinite, it cannot be defined. It goes back to non-existence. It is called the form of the formless, And the image of non~existence. it is called mystery. Meet it, you cannot see its face; Follow it, you cannot see its back.

By adhering to the Tao of the past You will master the existence of the present…and be able to know the origin of the past. This is called the clue of Tao.


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3 Responses to “Chapter 14 – That which we look at and cannot see is called plainness.”

  1. Tao-of-Pooh says:

    A well-frog cannot imagine the ocean, nor can a summer insect conceive of ice. How then can a scholar understand the Tao? He is restricted by his own learning.

  2. Dorygold says:

    When we look at beauty the energy level is a thousand.It is something we cannot see, nor hear, or grasp. We cannot see its face or the back of it. Beauty is the essence of life, it contains love in all of its splendor. We walk amongst beauty every second with many of us not recognizing or feeling what the divine has bestowed on us. We muddy the water not to see the bottom, we pollute the waters with our greed, we destroy the forests in the name of advancement, someday when civilization does not exist will beauty return again.

  3. Noelle says:

    I for one chose long ago to never go to sohcol under a sohcol debt. So I’ve since been able to establish a career (without college mind you) and work while going through sohcol. I don’t just go to sohcol for a career though; but for the pursuit of knowledge. I love to learn. All topics and everything. That’s why it’s often been so difficult for me to know what career I wanted in the first place!As of now I’ll continue to travel, work, go to sohcol and maybe even do so indefinitely. I’d love to have a bunch of degrees under my belt when it comes my time to leave this earth.Careers can be a sham anyways. Just look at all the people who spend their lifetime working for a company; only to be fired. Awful stuff. The only thing you can really trust is yourself and the life you’ve created.

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