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Chapter 13 – Accept disgrace willingly

Accept disgrace willingly.
Accept misfortune as the human condition.
What do you mean by “Accept disgrace willingly”?
Accept being unimportant.
Do not be concerned with loss or gain.
This is called “accepting disgrace willingly.”
What do you mean by “Accept misfortune as the human condition”?
Misfortune comes from having a body.
Without a body, how could there be misfortune?
Surrender yourself humbly; then you can be trusted to care for all things.
Love the world as your own self, then you can truly care for all things.



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  1. Tomoko says:

    Wow! Very well put I love the term imperfect actoin ! All too often, we wait until we think things will be perfect, and that means not doing any actoin at all. I love the idea that we’ll get to watch you grow and learn from your experiences. Thank you for showing us a way to avoid analysis paralysis !

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